The quarter life crisis…

November 20, 2017

Have you gone through a quarter life crisis yet? I thought the quarter life crisis thing was a joke – it’s a mid life crisis not a quarter life one?!?! –  but turns out it’s real. So real. It started when I turned 25. I wasn’t looking forward to being half way to thirty. I fell asleep before midnight at my very own birthday party and it all kind of went down hill from there. Just kidding. But not really, I did fall asleep before midnight.

A few months ago I was working a job that I didn’t love but that made me seem like an adult, some would call it a career, I was living in a house I owned and close to settling down. In Sudbury. A place I really never saw myself staying forever. But that seemed like the thing to do. From the outside it may have looked like I had it all together (to people who didn’t really know me…) but really I was slowly losing my mind. I forgot what I was really passionate about and what I really wanted to do with my life. I was settling and not in a I’m-so-happy-I-love-life-lets-settle-down kind of a way. In a I’m-drowning-but-buying-a-house-and-working-a-shitty-job-is-what-I-should-be-doing-at-28 kind of way. Eeesh… was I ever wrong.

Rewind a couple years. I’m in a relationship and it isn’t great. It’s not horrible but it isn’t great either. Mediocre? Maybe. There should have been a lot of signs that he wasn’t the one (like the fact that I bought a house on my own without considering him or even really telling him..) but I kept ignoring them because who wants to be 26 and single? In Sudbury? Not I. So we coasted. For way too long. Until finally we both had enough and it ended. So there I was 26 and single in a house I was trying to make a home. Good fucking luck Emily.

So what I didn’t have the boyfriend? I had the house and the career right? Mhmm, wrong. Do you have any idea how hard it is to own a house? Alone? As a very single 26 year old spoiled brat? Yeah I hated it. I’m writing this as if I no longer have the house, I do… I’m just trying to sell it and forcing myself to forget that I pay a mortgage every month for a house I haven’t spent a single night at in the past few months. Looking to buy in Sudbury? BUY MY HOUSE YOU CAN FIND THE LINK HERE. Adulting is fun you say? You’re wrong. Anyway. I was 26, single, living in this house, paying all of the bills and working a job that I did not love. Or even like most days. I was miserable.

Then in June my cousin has a bachelorette party and invited a party psychic and as soon as I walked in the room she told me I was exhausted, needing a change. To travel, leave Sudbury and find a new job. My 28th year is going to be my best ever she said. So here I am, two months into my 28th year and finally making the necessary changes. What am I doing? Well… I’m no longer working that job and I’m selling my house and taking myself on a trip to the other side of the world. I leave January 18 and I’m not sure when I’ll be back but I couldn’t be more excited.

If you aren’t excited to read more about my travels, don’t come back. But if you like fun stories and pretty photos, it’s likely I’ll have a lot of those.


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    I did! I totally did! But, it turned out that everything on the other side is pretty great!

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