Who is Em?

September 10, 2017
Who is em?

Maybe you stumbled on my blog by accident, or we’re friends and I forced you to read it. Either way, it seemed like a good idea to introduce myself because even if we do know each other, do you really know who I am? Maybe, maybe not. (Okay I’m sure 90% of the people reading this do, so just humour me guys) But don’t worry because I am about to tell you.

I’m a 27, almost 28-year-old, only child who currently lives alone in a home I bought in my hometown. By day I work as a website co-founder and vice chair and by night I eat bags of candy, spend too many hours scrolling through Instagram memes (and sending them to all of my friends) and plan trips I’ve yet to actually take. I have an adorable golden doodle and yes he has black fur but he is still a golden doodle, it’s a thing. I’m obsessed with pineapples, the colour purple and the number seven. Don’t ask me why I don’t have an answer. On July 7th, I hosted a party in honour of the number 7 because 7/7/2017 and I was 27. It’s likely my friends would describe me as a bit odd, they will tell you I tend to overreact and that sometimes my OC comes out in full force. But for the most part, I think I’m kind of a blast to be around.

I have a Public Relations diploma and a Communications degree but before struggling through to get those, I went to school in Ottawa for Marketing briefly and spent a few months living in Toronto. Both times I came back home because only child means Daddy’s girl, means somewhat needy and at the time it also meant slightly dependent on daddy’s bank account. So I came home, finished school, got a job and then another job and then one more and here I am, 27 and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up but I figure I still have a few years to figure it out. When I’m not working you can find me being forced outside by one friend or another enjoying one of our beautiful local trails or on my way to Toronto where life is slightly more exciting lately.

Recently I went through an interesting experience that forced me to change a few things and my friends (mostly one and really I think she said it twice) started referring to me as new Emily but I’m feeling a return of the old Emily in the coming weeks so we’ll see. Have you ever heard people use the phrase, ‘do it for the (Insta) gram?’ Well, I’m thinking my new tagline will be ‘doing it for the blog post’. Not really but life was a lot more exciting before I had to give up caffeine, day drinking, and vodka funnels.

I started my blog a few years ago as a DIY/Lifestyle blog where I shared a lot of craft projects, random recipes and my thoughts on all sorts of things. But life got busy and my crafting hasn’t been a priority and I’ve decided to switch it up. I got rid of my old posts and started writing about something I know I’ll always have time for – my life. So welcome to All About Em. If you don’t care to get to know me, you can leave but if you do – stick around, sometimes I do fun things.


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